Orietta Berti’s love for Malta will bring her back for ‘a long holiday’

Italian music icon in Malta for the sixth time and intends to visit again soon for a long holiday

Orietta Berti (Photos: Ray Attard)
Orietta Berti (Photos: Ray Attard)
Orietta Berti signs copies of her album
Orietta Berti signs copies of her album

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Those who remember the golden days of Italian television will be familiar with Orietta Berti’s “Finche la barca va” and the nostalgia the popular tune evokes.

Fans who have followed her musical and television carrier from their black-and-white television sets in Malta had a unique chance to meeti Berti this morning, during a short press conference after a concert she gave in Malta.

She explained that the positive relationship she has with Malta dates back many years.

“I love the people, the food, the sun and beaches.”

This is the sixth time that Berti is visiting Malta and she revealed that in the past months, she also came to Malta for a short holiday.

Orietta Berti is 70 years old and has had a successful 50-year career in music and televistion. But as she explained, she does not intend to slow down any time soon. 

“I have the will power and the voice is still sharp. If God grants me more health, I will keep on going.”

In fact she announced she is planning more concerts in several parts of Europe in 2016. Will Malta host the star once again in the future?

“I intend to come back to Malta, very soon. But to enjoy a long holiday with my husband,” she said, while eagerly signing a copy of her latest album packed with Berti’s classics.