Pilatus whistleblower Maria Efimova will not be extradited to Malta
A Greek Court of Appeals confirmed the decision to not extradite Maria Efimova...
PN warns that ‘unsustainable’ foreign influx raising housing prices for Maltese
Economic growth through population increase is not sustainable, Kristy Debono...
Aquarius standoff: MSF calls for people's safety to come before politics
MSF Sea said the best option for the rescued migrants would be to disembark at...
Stella Cini: I don’t believe in the solitary ‘father figure’ God, I believe we are all some form of god really
Q & A
With a passion for anything self-made, this YouTuber Stella Cini says she is...
Horses now have their own swimming zone in Marsaxlokk
Fancy taking your horse for a dip? Horses can now beat the summer heat and swim...
From booze to shoes to be sold off at Customs auction
Fancy a Mercedes Benz or a bunch of booze? The Customs auction will be held...
[WATCH] Amici sensation Emma Muscat back in Malta to hero's welcome
Watch the press conference at Malta International Airport here
EC launches project on clean air in EU islands
The project will aim to assist EU islands to develop clean and eco-friendly...