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Beached Portuguese Man O' War colony spotted at Wied l-Ghasri, Gozo
Watch your step! A rare jellyfish with a painful sting was found in Wied...
Ira Losco: ‘My greatest achievement is uniting Malta regardless of political colour in 2002’
Q & A
The multi-award winner Maltese singer and Eurovision star on who she admires...
ReLeaf disappointed at PN's firm position against recreational cannabis
The NGO said it was concerned about a gap of knowledge in what some legislators...
ERA stops construction at Balluta Bay until developer installs preventive measures
The Environment and Resources Authority said that all activities were stopped...
Central Bank: payments to Pilatus creditors in line with administrative measures
Central Bank denies MP’s accusations that payments made...
[WATCH] Teenager charged with attempted murder of police officer
17-year-old driver Liam Debono charged with attempted murder of police officer...
Over 31,000 unaccompanied minor asylum seekers registered in the EU in 2017
Only five unaccompanied minor asylum seekers applied for international...
Cardboard cut-out of ‘naked emperor’ Joseph Muscat erected at Castille Place
Cut-out of photoshopped naked Joseph Muscat at Castille Place is part of...

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