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Interconnector prices now more than double Electrogas energy rates
Malta's paying a whopping €258 per megawatt for energy via the...
[WATCH] Parliament gets new, young MP after Julie Zahra brings daughter to work
Parliament's youngest MP? Not quite - Julie Zahra brought her daughter...
A tale of two leagues: Serie A and Premier League winners to be crowned on Sunday
Whether its the Premier League Trophy or the Serie...
€21 million in debt: 2019 accounts show PN media company owes millions to creditors
The Nationalist Party has been pumping cash into its media branch over the...
Bernard Grech pleads for strong mandate from General Council ahead of PN leadership vote
Early voting starts on Monday, paving the way for the final votes next...
[WATCH] Michael Falzon tries to flip the Ġaħan script in parliamentary tit-for-tat with Claudette Buttigieg
The two crossed swords over whether it was right for a civil servant, who...
Warning: No swimming near Westin and Portomaso due to sewage contamination
Officials from the Environmental Health Directorate are investigating the issue
Comino’s San Niklaw out of bounds as company blocks access to parts of coastline
Beachgoers will not be able to access San Niklaw Bay in Comino this summer,...
Court orders Customs to destroy 2,400 counterfeit Nike shoes found at Freeport
Court & Police
Nike Innovate C.V filed a lawsuit against a Chinese and Algerian company over...
Childcare centres refuse visits by government officials in protest over COVID-19 restrictions
Childcare centres have had their capacities limited due to the COVID-19 crisis
Labour MEPs disagree about new transnational list for European elections
Maltese MEPs showed mixed feelings in last Tuesday’s vote on introducing...
Maltese journalists produce Ukraine war documentary to raise funds for refugees
The documentary will be available exclusively on GO TV from 23 May
Bernard Grech, Robert Abela accuse each other of partisanship over IVF reform
Abela says Grech's trying to score political points, while Grech says...
Worker rescued after falling down 18-metre hole at construction site
Court & Police
The accident happened at around 6pm
Prime Minister hints at regeneration projects for Selmun Palace, Evans Building
Robert Abela said the private sector could be roped in for future regeneration...
Malta to scrap mandatory masks on flights in line with ECDC recommendation
Starting from 16 May, masks will only be mandatory in hospitals, clinics and...
Malta opens first embassy in Latin America
John Aquilina will be Malta's first resident ambassador in Brazil after...
A war of words: Why Zelenskyy corrected Anġlu Farrugia
‘We don’t have a conflict, we have a war’: The Russian...
[WATCH] Zelenskyy tells Malta MPs 'the future of Europe will be decided on the battlefield'
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy tells neutral Malta to deny golden passports to...
Parliament in session: Chris Fearne tables first reading on IVF reform
A first reading is just the presentation of the bill's title, but it...