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€100 and €200 cheques will start being delivered on Monday, Robert Abela announces
Election 2022
Abela said the cheques will be delivered to people's inboxes starting from...
Russia hits military base near Poland, journalist killed near Kyiv
The base was used by NATO to train the Ukrainian army
2006 rationalisation process must stop, ADPD insists
Election 2022
ADPD want the approved rationalisation process to be scrapped completely, with...
Traffic accident: Car splits in half on Mrieħel bypass
Court & Police
The driver is in serious condition and is receiving care at Mater Dei Hospital
COVID-19: Active cases rise, 48 patients in hospital
13 March COVID-19 update | 171 new cases • 1,309 active...
PN pledges dedicated TV station for sports if elected to government
Election 2022
A Nationalist Party government would build a futsal arena and will fulfill...
Election Playbook: Just a small town girl, she took the midnight ‘trackless tram’ going anywhere
Election 2022
PN talks trackless trams while Labour unveils their 1,000-pledge manifesto -...
PA approves Portelli mega development in Sannat
The development forsees the construction of swimming pools and decking on ODZ...
PN's trackless trams will cost €2.8 billion, promises to complete it by 2027
Election 2022
The trackless trams will cost €16,500 per metre
[WATCH] Labour tax pledge will not apply to shareholders
Election 2022
The Labour Party’s 25% corporate tax pledge will only apply to company...
Election Playbook: University challenged
Election 2022
The political militants were on parade for the first leaders’ debate of...
Corporate tax must be lowered for individuals too, Bernard Grech insists
Election 2022
Grech argues that company dividends would still be subject to a 35% corporate...
[WATCH] University Debate: Party leaders go head-to-head for first time before election
Election 2022
Leaders of five political parties will be taking part in the first debate of...
Election Playbook: Bernardinho strikes again, I wonder if he’s caught Joseph Portelli’s eye yet...
Election 2022
Football versus politics, which one do you think Bernardinho will catch Joseph...
Election Playbook: The mechanisms go ‘On again, off again’
Election 2022
It's the Battle of the Julies on day 16 of the election campaign
Miriam Dalli accuses PN of changing manifesto on website
Election 2022
Labour candidates Miriam Dalli and Rebecca Buttigieg went head-to-head with PN...
'Referendum result must be respected': PN tries to win over hunting lobby
Election 2022
Nationalist candidates on the seventh district talk about hunting...
Malta home to subsidiary companies of sanctioned Russian Railways
Recently-sanctioned Russian Railways owns a subsidiary company in Malta
Election Playbook: Leaders fret over undecided voters
Election 2022
Konrad Mizzi finds God while we find a cute dog at a party rally, this is what...
Labour meets FKNK: ‘We understand hunters and trappers’
Election 2022
Labour Party president Ramona Attard told the hunting lobby that Labour...