Melita launches TV Everywhere

Melita sets another first for the Maltese Islands – Beta testing TV Everywhere.

Live TV is now available on smartphones and tablets through Melita’s TV Everywhere.
Live TV is now available on smartphones and tablets through Melita’s TV Everywhere.

Melita has announced the launch of its TV Everywhere service, enabling its customers to watch TV on their smartphones or tablets. In another first for Malta, thousands of Melita customers will benefit from watching TV on up to two more screens at the same time independently of the normal TV screens.

TV Everywhere service is free to all FibrePower Entertainment Pack customers and enables TV Everywhere customers to watch different TV channels, even at the same time, on smartphones and tablets.

TV Everywhere heralds the beginning of a new era where families will no longer need to fight for the coveted TV screen in the living room. TV Everywhere eliminates the need to choose who gets to watch what at home. TV Everywhere is available through an app which brings live TV to smartphones and tablets and enables just about every member of the family to watch whatever they want, on their favourite personal device.

Commenting on the launch of the TV Everywhere service, Ludolf Rasterhoff Melita's Chief Operating Officer said: "Melita has always been at the forefront of bringing better home entertainment to Maltese households - from HD and interactive TV, video on demand or superfast internet. The launch of our TV Everywhere services marks a new phase in home entertainment, where the TV becomes even more personal. As from launch customers will have access to some 30 TV channels from the existing Melita line-up, and we plan to add more channels as we go along. We are enabling thousands of families to be able to watch their favourite content on their favourite personal device."

The channel line-up includes local favourites TVM, TVM 2, NET TV and ONE TV along with Italian channels, news channels such as SKY NEWS and CNN, as well popular entertainment channels such as BBC Entertainment and the successful Melita More.

During the BETA test period, all Melita Entertainment Pack customers with Fibre Powered internet get to use the service for free on up two different phones or tablets for the duration of their contract. Entertainment Pack is Melita's successful bundle which combines Television, superfast Internet with 30 Megabits download speed or more, and fixed line Telephony services with unlimited phone calls.

Downloading the app is free and to login customers simply need to type in their MyMelita username and password. Customers who do not have a MyMelita account can register for free and requires less than five minutes. (Registration requires an internet connection and a copy of their most recent Melita bill).

The Beta version of the Melita TV app is compatible with all Apple iPhone or iPad devices and with Android smartphones and tablets running software version 4.0 or later. Customers can download the Melita TV app for free from the Apple App store and Google Play Store. While the services can be used on up two different devices at the same time, clients may install the App itself on as many devices as they want.

Melita is the leader in home entertainment with over 20 years delivering high quality TV content to the Maltese islands. Melita's home entertainment service includes High Definition television, interactive television allowing clients to pause, record and rewind live television, as well as Video On-Demand services with hundreds of shows and movies to watch at the touch of a button. Fibre Power internet with nationwide download speeds of up to 100 Megabits per second also enables customers to enjoy seamless entertainment from anywhere in the world.

For more information on the Melita TV app visit

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We are fed up of the tricks and beggar attitude of Melita ! When I try to phone a 27 prefix number by a 21 number, I get limited access, and the line will be cut after a minute, to encourage you to make another call !! Do you remember when we used to buy a STEREO tv connected to a MONO Melita service ! And the latest trick is, thet if you try to end a Melita service, they will never cut the service and continue to send bills !! I just hate the very word MELITA !!