Air Malta pays tribute to former chairman Albert Mizzi

Visionary businessman who founded national airline, Albert Mizzi dies aged 87

Albert Mizzi was appointed chairman of Air Malta in June 1973
Albert Mizzi was appointed chairman of Air Malta in June 1973

The national airline has paid tribute to its founder and longest-standing chairman Albert Mizzi, who passed away yesterday.

“He will remain a shining example to all those involved in Air Malta for his unwavering dedication, passion and commitment towards the national airline,” the company said in a statement.

It adds that the iconic Maltese businessman spent almost two decades at the helm of Air Malta and was a key protagonist in the ambitious project to give Malta its own wings.

“Air Malta owes much to Mizzi’s perseverance, imagination and commitment, as he steered the airline just after its inception until he saw it thriving,” Air Malta chairperson Maria Micallef said.

“Though a lot has changed throughout the decades, not least in the global aviation industry, Mizzi remains a shining example for all Air Malta employees, past and present, as he always placed the best interests of the airline before his own.”

Micallef said she would remember Mizzi for his gentlemanly manner, leadership skills and natural vision.

“As soon as I was appointed to the chairmanship, he made it a point to meet me to explain the history behind Air Malta and he asked me to make sure we bring the airline back to its glory days.,” Micallef said.

“It is an honour, responsibility and privilege to ensure his legacy of success is rekindled within the airline. Mizzi will remain a celebrated figure in Air Malta’s young but rich history and he will be sorely missed.”

Mizzi took over the national airline in its first year, 1973, until 1992, during which time Air Malta turned record profits and gained its reputation as a reliable and safe airline that means business. During his time as chairman, Air Malta operated its first flight to London Heathrow in 1974 and received its first Boeing 737-200 in 1983 among others.

Mizzi passed away yesterday at the age of 87, and tributes have been pouring in since.

The industry heavyweight was one of Malta's foremost entrepreneurs, a chairman of HSBC Malta and the Midi Group, the developers of the Tigné Point and Manoel Island project.

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