The parliamentary debate will be tweeted...

Opposition Whip calls on government to respond to the Public Domain Bill that the PN presented a week ago.

Malta’s Parliament will get its own Twitter page, Speaker Anglu Farrugia confirmed.

He was responding to a parliamentary adjournment by Opposition Whip David Agius who suggested that Parliament create its own Twitter page that will update viewers on parliamentary sessions with regular tweets, as well as for the new Parliament TV channel to be made free for everyone.

Farrugia also said that the new Parliament building will host an open day on 29 May.

In his brief adjournment, Agius called on the government to react to a public domain bill that the Opposition presented last Tuesday. The bill proposes that the first 15 metres of the coastline and the country’s seabed and subsoil cannot be commercialised.

The government hasn’t yet spoken about it,” Agius pointed out.