School children attend food waste reduction workshop

Workshop on reducing food waste held as part of Waste Reduction Week

Composting projects implemented by entities and schools were exhibited as part of a workshop organised in conjunction with the EU project ‘Promoting Zerowaste’. 

The event was held during the European Week for Waste Reduction at the WasteServ Visitor Centre and Sant’Antnin Family Park in Marsaskala.

Workshop participants included EkoSkola, Why not?, Local Council Association, St Thomas More College Secondary School, Immaculate Conception School Tarxien and De La Salle Secondary School. 

The event also included an interactive workshop about food waste reduction by peripatetic teachers from the Home Economics Seminar Centre. Students from different schools were also invited to visit and participate in the workshop, which also included an informative session about waste management in the Maltese Islands.

CEO Tonio Montebello further elaborated on the aim of this workshop, which is to create a platform where different entities with a particular interest in composting can share their knowledge and difficulties and exhibit their different methods of home and garden composting.  

During his visit to the workshop, minister for sustainable development, the environment and climate change Leo Brincat said that the 30% increase in local activities relating to the reduction of waste during the European Week dedicated to this problem, is a testament in itself that public awareness is on the increase. He said that the range of participants this year is encouraging as is the number of participants, which soared from 66 to 86.

Promoting Zerowaste project was officially launched in July 2013 and will run until December 2014. It aims to capitalize on methods and tools for improving waste management schemes at the local and regional level.

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