Stuffed protected birds found in Tarxien residence

The birds were found during the course of an investigation into illegal hunting by the police’s Administrative Law Enforcement squad

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

Around 20 stuffed protected birds were found in a freezer in a residence in Tarxien, the police said on Saturday.

In a statement the police said they had carried out an inspection related to illegal hunting in a field near Marsaxlokk in an area known as ‘il-Ballut’.

According to the statement, a 31-year-old man and another man aged 65, were present in the field during the inspection during which no illegal activity was noticed.

However during subsequent search of one of the men’s residence, police found a number of stuffed protected stored in a freezer. The birds included stuffed flamingo, white stork, white pelican, great crested grebe and purple heron.

The birds were passed on to the Wild Birds Regulation Unit while police investigations continue.