Unsustainable development ruining village cores - Gozo Business Chamber

The business chamber has voiced concerns over large development projects in Gozo that they say "ruins the urban fabric" of the island

The Gozo Business Chamber has slammed the unsustainable development happening on the sister island, stating that large development projects in villages are ruining the urban fabric.

Together with Gozitan mayors and the Gozo Regiona Council, the Chamber is supporting a request for the Planning Authority to take effective action on the matter.

“Large development projects in villages and other localities in Gozo are unsustainable. This type of development does not take into consideration the impact this is having on the urban fabric of our villages and towns, and the impact on local communities.”

The Chamber said that the present rate of development is ruining village cores, and often fails to consider the needs and concerns on local communities.

“While the Gozo Business Chamber does support development, this should be sustainable, in line with what can be accomodated within our localities, and which respects the urban texture and traditional character of our villages and towns.”

The Chamber stated that several proposals were put forward to government on this. While acknowledging the importance of the construction industry for the economy, the Chamber said that a sustainable development model can create new economic niches for the industry.

“It is important that our heritage is respected and that adverse impacts on our communities are avoided.”