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Spring as just about broken through our not so cold winter, promising longer days, warmer temperatures and bikini season. Having just come back from Thailand, I’ve already done my pre-beach season panic in a rush to lose those Christmas pounds that just won't budge in time for long days on the beach

Get a glimpse into the life of a bikini model in Health and Fitness Today
Get a glimpse into the life of a bikini model in Health and Fitness Today

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Being healthy, however, should not be just about a few weeks before summer but an overall lifestyle change. Bikini model, Jacinta Rokich, talks about how changing your lifestyle shouldn't be a strict can't-have-that diet but a gradual change that allows for sins every once in a while.

Mariella Dimech looks at health from a different perspective, from that of a relationship, talking about how dealing with conflicts through open communication channels allows a couple to develop their relationship beyond the steamy romantic stage so that it can develop into something more real.

Carla Maree Vella talks about how contrary to popular opinion, its not the cardio that shifts those fatty lumps but weight training and women who weight train do not end up looking like bodybuilders.

Richard Geres is lifting the weights with a feature on deadlifts - an exercise aimed at strengthening so many parts of the body.



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