Survey on country’s health status to be carried out

Health survey designed to analyse nation’s health and population’s wellbeing to be carried out in autumn, health department announced.

A survey designed to obtain information on the nation’s health and the wellbeing of the population will be carried out in autumn, the government said.

Designed to offer comprehensive information on the population’s health status, the Second European Health Interview Survey (EHIS) in Malta and Gozo is planned for this autumn, starting in mid October over a period of three months

This allows changes in the health status of the Maltese population and the effect of health programmes and policies to be monitored.  Furthermore, it facilitates cross-country comparisons between Member States, thus identifying issues which are particular to Malta.

The survey will be carried out by the Directorate for Health Information and Research, within the Department of Health.

Results will be collected by means of face-to-face interviews (without physical examination) in a representative sample of 6,200 individuals aged 15 years and over residing in Malta or Gozo.

The selected individuals will receive a letter, inviting them to participate in the survey, and will subsequently receive a phone call to arrange an appointment. Participants’ confidentiality will be maintained throughout the whole survey.

The EHIS is being implemented in accordance with legal requirements as stipulated by the European Commission.

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