Four patients test positive to multi-drug resistant organism

Hospital management says Mater Dei is enhancing infection prevention and control measures

A multi-drug resistant organism was detected in four patients recovering in “one particular area” of Mater Dei Hospital.

In a statement, the hospital’s management said New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase producing Klebsiella pneumoniae was detected.

This bacterium is a multi-drug resistant organism which is sensitive to a narrow range of antibiotics. 

NDM-1 for short, the gene is resistant to nearly all antibiotics, including carbapenem antibiotics – also known as antibiotics of last resort.

According to Medical News Today, a bacterium carrying the NDM-1 gene is “the most powerful superbug around”.

“As from this week, the management at Mater Dei Hospital is further enhancing strict compliance with infection prevention and control measures within the hospital environment,” the hospital management said.

“These enhanced measures are in response to the detection of the organism in four patients localized in one particular area. None of the patients have clinical signs of infection.”

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