New budgetary measures to strengthen Police work

Eleven inspectors promoted to Superintendents in a ceremony presided over by Minister for Home Affairs Carmelo Abela and Police Commissioner Michael Cassar.

Budgetary measures announced this week will strengthen the work carried out by Police officers, Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela said.

Presiding over the ceremony during which 11 inspectors were promoted to superintendents, Abela said the government was committed in recognising the work carried out by the Police Force.

He said, that the Budget 2016 measures were clear proof of government’s determination to deliver better working conditions.

As from January 2016, payment given to officers for extra duties – including helping organisations, individuals or companies – will be taxed separately, with a 15% rate.

“Besides from completing another electoral pledge, this signifies a lower rate of tax,” Abela said.

The minister said the modernization works would continue in the coming year, through investment in new technological equipment. Specialised branches are set to receive new analytical equipment.

“Police presence in society will remain a priority, including in tourist zones,” he said.

The Economics Crime Unit will be recruiting professionals such as accountants.

During the ceremony, also presided by Police Commissioner Michael Cassar, 32 police officers and nine ex-members of the force were presented with medals. 

Ten officers received medals for their long and efficient service after 18 years of service. Seventeen police officers were given the first clasp after 25 years of service, while five police officers were given the second clap for more than 30 years or service.