FOR.UM urges government to invest in renewable energy, create quality jobs

Forum of Maltese Unions (FOR.UM) calls on government to continue to invest in energy efficiency and clean renewable energy sources to make country less reliant on fossil fuels and to create sustainable, high quality jobs.

In a statement that reproduced the European Trade Union Council (ETUC) invitation to all 83 affiliated trade union Confederations to “act to avoid depression and all its misery in Europe,” FOR.UM president John Bencini said that as government prepares to present Budget 2012, it must set up a task force, together with Unions, to “combat the ever-increasing number of workers facing precarious work.”

Government – Bencini said - must invest in research and development, and in the reskilling of workers.

He added that there are two ways for consolidating a budget: “decrease expenses or increase revenues. Government should preferably choose to increase revenues. There should be support for lower income groups and those most affected by the crisis.”

According to Bencini, “we can only balance budgets by raising new and sustainable revenue – not on people but on capital, by taxing socially harmful activities and by fighting against speculation.”