Soldiers who shot Lassane Cisse left Chadian for dead after running him over

Lassana Cisse was killed in a drive-by shooting in April 2019, and two former soldiers are being charged for the murder

An immigrant allegedly run over by two off-duty soldiers, accused of murdering Lassana Cisse and the attempted murder of three other black men had suffered a broken shoulder, a court has been told.

In a previous sitting, Chadian May Malini described how he had been hit from behind by a car that then sped off in February 2019 a short distance from the Open Centre where he resided. “I spent an hour on the ground with a broken arm, unable to move,” Malini had said.

Lorin Scicluna and Francesco Fenech also stand accused of having shot dead Lassana Cisse in cold blood, in a drive-by shooting in Ħal Far in April 2019. Ibrahim Bah from Guinea was also shot during the incident.

Cisse had been walking home after watching a football game when he was shot dead. Prosecutors say the murder was racially motivated.

This morning, Magistrate Ian Farrugia was presented with a translation of the testimony of Mohammed Jallow, who was also allegedly shot by the pair.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Ryan Giordmaina took the witness stand. He had overseen the treatment of May Malini from Chad, who was hit by a car at Hal Far, two months before the murder. Malini was found to be suffering from fractures to his left clavicle, said the surgeon.

The men are also accused of attempting to murder Malini.

Last December Scicluna and Fenech had been granted bail against a deposit of €30,000, a personal guarantee of €20,000 and ordered to observe a curfew.

The case continues on October 22.

Lawyers Franco Debono, Amadeus Cachia and Kris Busietta are representing Scicluna, while lawyers Giannella de Marco and Stephen Tonna Lowell are representing Fenech.

Lawyer Joe Giglio is appearing parte civile for the family of Lassana Cisse.

Inspectors Trevor Micallef and Keith Arnaud are prosecuting.

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