Court reporter Matthew Agius is a Legal Procurator and Commissioner for Oaths. Prior to reading Law at the University of Malta, Matthew served in the British Army.

Enemalta employee admits to tampering meters
Court & Police
The man admitted to damaging electricity meters, accepting bribes and...
Police ordered to find Ariadne Capital founder after courtroom no-show
Court & Police
The magistrate ordered the Police Commissioner to locate Julie Meyer...
Father forgives son for shooting him
Court & Police
the father was called to the stand as the star prosecution witness but said he...
Hotel guest convicted of violent indecent assault of 15 year-old despite 'minimal contact'
Court & Police
Man accused of touching breasts of two French tourists in Paceville hotel
No bail for man accused of pickpocketing
Court & Police
A man was charged after being caught trying to pick the pockets of a bus...
Court allows Caruana Galizia family to intervene in case over court expert's removal
Alfred Degiorgio, one of the three men accused of the journalist’s...
President's aide met Paqpaqli witnesses before they testified in court
Court & Police
A member of the Community Chest Fund’s board of administrators testified...
Man accused of ramming car
Court & Police
The man is accused of intentionally endangering the other man's life when...
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