[WATCH] Thief smashes windscreen to steal car contents, captured on phone

The man, who was arrested by the police shortly after the incident, was filmed stealing objects from the car

The incident was captured on video
The incident was captured on video

A man has been arrested after breaking a car windscreen to steal objects from inside the vehicle.

The police said the incident happened on Wednesday morning in Victoria Street, near the Malta Post offices, with the man breaking the windscreen and passenger window to steal the items.

Footage which surfaced online shows the man stealing objects from the vandalized car. In the video, the man can be seen taking a white plastic bag from the passenger side of the car.

The perpetrator fled the scene of the incident, but was caught shortly after by Rapid Intervention Unit officers.

He has since been hospitalized for injuries he sustained when trying to break into the car.

The man’s nationality is not yet known, and police investigations are still ongoing.