Maksar compilation: Police inspectors questioned on vehicles belonging to Robert Agius

The brothers and their associates are charged with involvement in the murders of Daphne Caruana Galizia and Carmel Chircop

Two of the accused being led out of court. (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
Two of the accused being led out of court. (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
14:45 That’s it for today. We will be uploading a comprehensive write-up shortly. Thanks for following with us. Karl Azzopardi
14:44 The court sends the acts back to Attorney General. The case has been put off till 12 January at 1:30 pm. Karl Azzopardi
14:39 Prosecutor George Camilleri points out the accused was supposed to exhibit photographs relating to the vehicle. He would present a note tomorrow in this regard. Karl Azzopardi
14:38 Robert Agius tells Police Superintendent Keith Arnaud that one of the cars belonged to his father and had sentimental value. Karl Azzopardi
14:38 Wayne Camilleri: "Vehicles: a Mercedes... Mitsubishi...Yamaha...Honda... another Honda.... Another Mercedes registered with foreign plates, which had a fake plate "Maksar" an MV Acusta, another Mercedes." Karl Azzopardi
14:37 Inspector Wayne Camilleri from the police homicide squad takes the stand. He is asked about vehicles in Robert Agius' possession. Karl Azzopardi
14:36 Court gags exchange before the sitting between accused and the prosecution. Karl Azzopardi
14:34 Adrian Agius has a word with Inspector Wayne Camilleri. "I don't like these games," he is heard saying. Karl Azzopardi
14:34 In the meantime, George Degiorgio has also entered the courtroom and sits at the other end of the accused's bench. Karl Azzopardi
14:30 Robert Agius walks into the courtroom, escorted by a prison guard. He strides purposefully over to his lawyers, Alfred Abela and Rene Darmanin, where they discuss something. Karl Azzopardi
14:29 Good afternoon. Our senior court reporter Matthew Agius is inside the courtroom. Karl Azzopardi

The compilation of evidence against brothers Adrian and Robert Agius, known as Tal-Maksar, and their associates Jamie Vella and George Degiorgio continues this afternoon. 

Robert Agius and Jamie Vella are charged with supplying the bomb that killed Daphne Caruana Galizia in October 2017.

Adrian Agius is charged with commissioning the murder of lawyer Carmel Chircop in 2015. Vella and Degiorgio are charged with executing Chircop’s assassination in a garage complex in Birkirkara.

Degiorgio is currently undergoing separate procedures for his involvement in the Caruana Galizia murder.

The Agius brothers, known as Tal-Maksar, and Vella had long been suspected of having been the bomb suppliers in the Caruana Galizia murder case. They had been arrested in December 2017 but later released with no charge.

Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo is presiding.