Xewkija man charged with drug trafficking, firearm possession denied bail

Drug Squad raid on Nadur farmhouse resulted in the arrest of a 43-year-old man in possession of cocaine, cannabis and three unlicenced firearms with ammunition

Shawn Theuma, 43, from Xewika was charged with dealing drugs and being in possession of a firearm on Friday.

The police had received information regarding possible drug trafficking at the Gozo carnival over the weekend.


Insp. Alfredo Mangion explained how the police has observed Theuma’s property, and had noticed a number of cars coming and going. The police subsequently raided the property on Thursday morning. 

Cannabis found in the drugs raid
Cannabis found in the drugs raid

Police managed to seize over €53,000, 300g of cannabis, 50g of cocaine and three firearms - one of which was loaded and in his rear pocket. 

Bundles of cash found in the Gozo farmhouse
Bundles of cash found in the Gozo farmhouse
A semi-auto and 30-30 lever action repeater
A semi-auto and 30-30 lever action repeater

Arraigned before Magistrate Bridgette Sultana the accused pleaded not guilty.

Representing Theuma, lawyer Stefano Filletti requested that bail be granted. 

During the sitting, the police inspector was asked whether the there was a magisterial inquiry into the case, with the inspector confirming that there was.  

He asked whether the accused upon his arrest was aggressive or in some manner resisted the arrest.

“Did he not in fact cooperate?" the lawyer asked, to which the inspector confirmed that he was not.

Inspector Mifsud objected to the bail insisting that the case was serious, there were third parties still being investigated, and witnesses yet to testify.  He stated that the accused had three addresses and that he was in possession of a firearm in an area where a number of cars frequently passed. 

Dr Filletti argued that none of the reasons were reasons for denying bail.   

“First of all, there was a magisterial inquiry, therefore all the witness statements were being preserved.  There was no fear of tampering.  Secondly, there was no fear of flight and the accused did not run away, he was not aggressive, and actually cooperated with the police.  Thirdly, addresses given where his parents’ house, his matrimonial home and his farm,” the accused’s lawyer argued.

He said the police had legal means to secure the evidence. “The practice which sees the police arraigning amidst an investigation is not correct, and if they decide to arraign, then they cannot use the ongoing investigations as a reason to withhold bail.”

The parents of the accused both declared that they would act as guarantors. 

The court declined bail because witnesses were yet to testify. 

The police also requested a freezing order on the accused’s assets. 

Defence did not object, requesting the freezing order be limited to what was being alleged to be the proceeds of the crime.

The case will now continue before another magistrate.