Azzopardi handed life term in jail

Ronnie Azzopardi has been handed a life term in jail by Judge Michael Mallia after jurors return guilty verdict for attempted murder, but not murder of innocent bystander in 2005 Zejtun bombing.

Life in jail: Ronnie Azzopardi
Life in jail: Ronnie Azzopardi

Ronnie Azzopardi, 41 of Cospicua, was this afternoon handed a life term in jail, despite being acquitted of murder.

After seven hours of deliberation, jurorsacquitted Azzopardi of the murder of Angela Bondin, who died after a bomb explosion up in Zejtun on June 18, 2005.

Azzopardi, also known as 'Is-Sufu' was however found guilty by seven votes against two, of causing a grievous injury that led to Bondin's death.

In their verdict, which was reached after almost seven hours of deliberation, found Azzopardi guilty by seven votes against two, of causing serious injuring toTessie Grima and the attempted murder of his sister-in-law and her three young children.

In the trial by jury, which was presided by Mr. Justice Michael Mallia, jurors heard evidence how  48 year-old Angela Bondin, and her friend Tessie Grima ended up being been innocent victims when a bomb went off as they chatted in the street.

The two women had moved a garbage bag which unknowingly contained the bomb because it was too early for the refuse truck to pass.

Investigations had led to Azzopardi's arraignment as the mastermind behind the bombing, which was intended to kill  his sister-in-law and her children, over the inheritance of a Mercedes-Benz car which belonged to his murdered brother Jason.




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