Police ask for court exemption for electoral duties

Police Assistant Commissioner requests Chief Justice to exempt police officers from court duties for four days due to duties in connection with the MEP Elections.

In a letter dated 7 April, Police Assistant Commissioner Andrew Seychell requested Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri to make the necessary arrangements to exempt police officers from attending court for four days in connection with the MEP Elections.

AC Seychell asked that due to the large volume of work the Police Force is faced with during election time, officers are to be exempted from court duties today Thursday 22 May, tomorrow Friday and next Monday.

Four days later, Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri sent a letter to all Magistrates and Judges, informing them of the request and asking them “to take the action they deem fit”.

The letter read that the request is only in connection with those cases that require the presence of Police officers.

Consequently a number of criminal cases have been postponed. A trial by jury scheduled to start on Monday was moved to Tuesday morning.

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