Maltese-Australian holidaymakers admit to stealing wallet to fund gambling habit

Two gamblers conditionally discharged for two years after admitting to stealing wallet from Oracle Casino.

Two Maltese-Australian holidaymakers were this morning conditionally discharged after pleading guilty to stealing a wallet to fund their gambling habit.

The accused, 61-year-old Josephine Saliba, and 57-year-old Maria Camilleri, both of Birkirkara, admitted to stealing a wallet containing about €100 on Tuesday at around 3:30pm from Oracle Casino in Qawra.

The court heard how the two women spent all their money on gambling and in order to fund their habit, they stole the wallet.

Presiding Magistrate Miriam Hayman told the accused that what they did was “extremely stupid,” and berated them for committing a crime while on vacation.

The women pleaded guilty to stealing the wallet, while Camileri admitted to handling stolen property.

Prosecuting Inspector Godwin Scerri told the court that the two women had cooperated with investigations.  

Magistrate Hayman conditionally discharged the accused for two years.

Inspector GodwinScerri prosecuted, while lawyer Simon Micallef Stafrace was legal aid. 

Inspector Godwin Scerri prosecuted.