Italian charged with assaulting police officer granted bail

Manager of O'Sarracino Bar, stands accused of assaulting and threatening to burn police officer

Photo Credit JOHN PISANI
Photo Credit JOHN PISANI
Photo Credit JOHN PISANI
Photo Credit JOHN PISANI

A 48 year-old Italian national, living in Paceville, today pleaded not guilty to charges of violently resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer in the course of his duties before a magistrate.

Vincenzo Brancaccio, manager of O'Sarracino Bar, stands accused of assaulting and threatening police officers whilst they were acting on a report of loud music being played at 05:20AM in the bar. The police claimed that when the officers asked for the person responsible, the accused "immediately started shouting and stating the he was only trying to make business and the police were [expletive deleted] his income".

Upon being asked for his documents, the accused "immediately became aggressive" allegedly saying "maledetto io a te, ti brucio" (a curse upon you, I will burn you) to one of the officers. The accused then "pushed and jumped on" an officer, leading to a struggle where he is alleged to have torn a policeman's shirt and broke his mobile phone.

Inspector Jason Sultana opposed bail due to the facts of the case, claiming that the accused has no ties to Malta and that there is a possiblity that the accused has been in court before on similar charges. The accused's police conduct was not presented to the court.

Dr. Joe Giglio, for the accused told the court that Mr. Brancaccio lived in Malta for 10 years, has a Maltese girlfriend and therefore there is no fear of tampering with evidence or absconding. “More pertinently”, he added, “a previous accusation –not a conviction -  should not preclude an accused from not being granted bail”. Furthermore, claimed the defence, the accused lives close to the police station and so the usual bail conditions should apply.

When the Prosecution attempted to explain why they only had the accused’s girlfriend’s identity documents, Dr. Giglio, evidently frustrated, interrupted saying “when the partner attempted to give her particulars to the police, the police insisted on taking his details, leading to the escalation and the situation we now find ourselves in”.

The accused was granted bail against a deposit of €500 and personal guarantee of €6000 on condition that he does not approach witnesses, sign a bail book once a week and surrender his passport.

Dr. Joseph Giglio requested the court nominate a medical expert  to examine the person of the accused and his partner. While not objecting to this, Inspector Sultana told the court that “while the accused was in police custody he did not request to be examined by a doctor”.

Giglio replied that in the case of the defendant, his injuries were “evident” and it was the “obligation of the prosecuting officer to refer him to a doctor”.

The Court ordered the defendant be immediately examined by a doctor.

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