No bail for young thief

Youth admits to aggravated theft, attempted theft from residences.

The 22 year-old entered an early guilty plea.
The 22 year-old entered an early guilty plea.

22 year-old Justin Coleiro from Qormi appeared before Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras today, charged attempting to break in to a Santa Venera residence with the intention to commit theft as well as the completed crime of aggravated theft from another residence in Birkirkara. 

Entering early guilty pleas on charges of attempted theft aggravated by amount, time, place and means. Coleiro pleaded not guilty to a charge of consipiracy to commit other thefts in "various localities".

The Magistrate explained the consequences of the admission, namely a prison sentence  to the accused but after a brief pause he reaffirmed his guilt on the first two accusations. His defence counsel requested bail.

Anthony Stellini, as legal aid, highlighted the early guilty plea, the fact that the accused had never previously appeared before a court for theft, the strong ties to Malta and that the accused bound himself not to approach the victims, to the court, adding that “it would be a strong detriment to the accused’s mental health were he to be imprisoned” and that Coleiro was in the process of finding employment.

Inspector Sarah Magri, prosecuting, objected on the grounds of the gravity of the accusation and the possibility of the accused tampering with evidence as there are other connected investigations into accomplices underway.

The court upheld the prosecution’s objections and refused bail. The accused was remanded in custody for sentencing at a later date.

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