Leo Brincat files for libel against In-Nazzjon

Environment minister Leo Brincat says allegations of spending €1 million in flights during 19-month span are untrue and defamatory.

Environment minister Leo Brincat has this afternoon filed for libel against PN newspaper in-Nazzjon over an article in which it was alleged that Brincat spent over €1 million on air travel during a 19-month span.

Entitled “Nefaq €1 miljun fuq titjiriet f’ 19-il xahar,” the article alleged that the environment minister and his delegation spent a total of €1 million in flights, €140,000 of which were purchased from the GWU’s travel agency, Untours.

The PN newspaper also alleged that almost €860,000 in tickets were purchased from Bianchi Travel and Tristar.

The article also said that the minister has repeatedly refused to answer parliamentary questions and that the information was still being collected.

Filed by Lawyer Aron Mifsud Bonnici against in-Nazzjon editor Nathaniel Attard, the application insisted that the article was “libellous and defamatory.” Moreover, Brincat said that the article was “untrue” and intent on tarnishing his reputation.

Brincat is requesting a maximum compensation of €11,650.

Lawyers Aron Mifsud Bonnici and Carina Testa signed the libel.  

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