Updated | Police to deport men living in Hal Far asbestos pipes to Italy

Men had residence documents issued by Italian authorities and availed themselves of their right to free movement

The eight irregular migrants were found during a police raid
The eight irregular migrants were found during a police raid

A police raid early this morning at 6:30am led to the arrest of eight irregular migrants who were living out in the open in Hal Far, using the huge asbestos pipes that have been for years out in the nearby fields, as their shelter.

Police said that the men had official documents issued by the Italian authorities, and had travelled to Malta via catamaran from Sicily. Because they were living close to the Hal Far open centre, it is understood that the migrants living at the centre may have also provided them with food.

Five men were of Ghanian nationality and two others were Togo nationals. Another man was a Spanish national. Their documents were verified by the police.

"Since these men have no means to sustain themselves and are living rough, the Immigration Police is preparing to deport them back to the country where their residence permit was issued from. They are currently in police custody."

During the raid the police found small cookers, clothes and sheets.