Valletta man pleads guilty to drug trafficking

A young man from Valletta is on bail awaiting his sentence after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges this morning.

25-year-old Clayton Fenech was granted bail after being arraigned before magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras on charges of trafficking cocaine and heroin this morning.

Fenech pleaded guilty to all charges. He also admitted to being a relapser.

Inspector Pierre Grech told the magistrate that Fenech had been arrested yesterday after being found in possession of four miniscule packets of drugs.

The prosecution and defence told the court that they negotiated a plea bargaining agreement on a 20 month sentence, however the magistrate pointed out that these agreements do not bind the court.

The magistrate will deliver her sentence on Tuesday, granting the accused bail against a personal guarantee of €5000 in the interim.

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