Two 'threatened off-duty policeman' over 2015 water-throwing incident

Neville Azzopardi and Keith Vella were charged with threatening Newel Pantelleresco, because he had allegedly thrown water at Azzopardi during the celebrations of the feast of Our Lady of Victories last year

Two men have been arraigned under arrest and charged with threatening an off-duty policeman yesterday night, allegedly over a water-throwing incident that took place 12 months ago.

Siggiewi residents Neville Azzopardi, aged 32, and Keith Vella, 27, appeared in court accused of threatening Newel Pantelleresco, who it is claimed, had thrown water at Azzopardi whilst celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Victories last year.

The court heard how Azzopardi, together with his girlfriend had been attending the festivities when Pantelleresco allegedly threw water at him.

The court heard how Azzopardi's wounded pride had festered for a year until, during this year's feast, he had decided to warn Pantelleresco not to do it again, taking his girlfriend's brother with him as backup.

Azzopardi and Vella were charged with threatening Pantelleresco and disobeying police orders.

Azzopardi alone was also accused of threatening two police constables, whilst Vella was separately charged with breaching bail conditions and relapsing.

Azzopardi, assisted by lawyer Franco Galea, pleaded guilty and was handed a 2-year conditional discharge together with an €800 fine and a restraining order in favour of Pantelleresco.

Vella pleaded not guilty and was granted bail against a personal guarantee of €1000. He was ordered to stay away from the Senglea feast celebrations.


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