6 months prison, €4,000 fine for assaulting police

21-year-old Ghanian man jailed for six months and fined €4,000 for assaulting a police officer who was on the beat in Marsa  

A court has jailed and handed a hefty fine to a man who was charged with assaulting a police officer who had wanted to question him during a patrol in Marsa.

Two police officers had approached Emanuele Kwaku to ask him some questions on Thursday evening at around 8pm, Inspector John Spiteri told the court. However Kwaku, who the inspector said had been in the company of a prostitute at the time, had refused and reacted aggressively towards the officers.

The 21-year-old Ghanian was arraigned before magistrate Claire-Louise Stafrace on Saturday, charged with violently attacking a police officer, giving false details to the authorities and failing to obey the officer's lawful orders.

The man pleaded guilty as charged, and the court promptly jailed him for six months and fined him €4,000.

Lawyer Victor Bugeja appeared for Kwaku. 

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