Three dogs shot dead in suspected act of revenge

Eleven shots were fired that killed three dogs in a private property in Hal Ghaxaq

The police and the department of animal welfare are investigating the killing of three dogs, which were shot dead in a private property in Hal Ghaxaq.

The macabre discovery was made by the dogs’ owners. A pregnant dog was also found with a shot to its neck.

The news was first reported by TVM, where in comments to the state media the dogs’ owners said they found the two springers and a pointer in a pool of blood.

The dogs, Maya, Bobby and Trixie were killed after a person, or more, jumped over the gate leading to the garage which is used for panel beating and spray painting work.

A fourth pregnant dog is in critical condition.

A magisterial inquiry is underway. Police suspect that the dogs were killed in an act of revenge.

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