Man, 43, hospitalised after being shot at during Naxxar argument

Paola man, 43, is one of two men shot at by aggressor during argument on Burmarrad Road in Naxxar, who later fled scene of the crime in a car


A man was injured in a shooting that took place on Burmarrad Road, Naxxar, late on Tuesday evening at 11:30pm.

The police said that the shooting happened during an argument between three men, which resulted in one of the men producing a firearm to shoot at the two other men.

The aggressor fled the scene of the crime in a car.

The victim is 43 and from Paola. He was assisted on site by a medical team from Mater Dei Hospital, where he was later certified to be suffering from light injuries.

Magistrtae Claire Farrugia Frendo is leading the magisterial inquiry.

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