Briton found dead in Kercem apartment, gas leak detected

An elderly Briton, resident in Gozo, is found dead by police who said a leak in a gast heater may have been to blame 

A 79-year-old British man was found dead in his bed this morning by police who forced their way into the apartment after noticing a heavy smell of gas.

Police said they were called to the scene in Triq it-Torri in Kercem, Gozo, at around 8.30am by neighbours who said they feared the man was dead.

Upon entering the apartment block, the police immediately noticed the smell of gas and proceeded into the man’s apartment.

They found the dead elderly Briton in one of the bedrooms. The man was certified dead on the spot.

The police said that preliminary investigations had identified a leak in a gas heater present in the apartment.

Magistrate Joanne Vella Cuschieri opened an inquiry into the man’s death and appointed a number of experts to assist.

Police investiations are continuing.

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