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Gaming company employee admits to fraud, misappropriation from employer
Court & Police
The man was handed a 20 month prison sentence suspended for two years
Interest on BNF Bank personal loan set at advantageous 4.85%
BNF bank customers can finance any of their personal projects by borrowing up...
[WATCH] Virtu Ferries' new catamaran, second largest in the world, reaches Malta
Virtu Ferries’ M/V Saint John Paul II will be the largest High Speed...
Raffles lease could give Labour €600,000 annually
The Labour Party will retain ownership but derive “a competitive...
Blockchain to match gaming industry levels of trading within five years
Business News
The volume of cryptocurrency and token trading in and from Malta is reported to...
Simon Busuttil tells PN MPs he has no intention of running for leader
Former Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil has insisted with parliamentary...
Delia set to meet dissenters in one-on-one showdown
A number of active party members, known to be close to the so-called...
For God and country: is religion still a factor in Maltese politics?
Malta’s liberal turn since the divorce referendum has dead-legged what...