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[WATCH] ITS SmartCity campus land agreement to be presented in parliament ‘in coming months’
1,000 students are attending the Institute for Tourism Studies this scholastic...
Malta to see new banks embracing blockchain within a year, expert predicts
Two or three new banks will open in Malta within the next year that will be...
[WATCH] 35,000 Maltese signed up to digital banking platform Revolut
Malta is the country with Revolut's biggest market level penetration, the...
Malta eyeing artificial intelligence regulatory framework
The Prime Minister said that after having introduced a comprehensive legal...
Malta feels the pain of its tourism boom: residents speak out
Are you feeling the strain of towns catering for tourists and foreign workers,...
Air Malta Paris Orly flights cancelled after pilots called in sick
The Majlis – Cultures In Dialogue exhibition open
The exhibition itself represents the first part of a wider project that seeks...
GanaEight Coin Limited co-CEOs invite Prime Minister to G8C launch
Business News
GanaEight Coin Limited co-CEOs Hayato Terai and Kristina C. Deguara met Prime...

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