874 cars inspected in Sunday morning police roadside inspections

At least 46 individuals were fined for breaking driving regulations

(File photo)
(File photo)

A total of 874 roadside inspections were carried out by the police on Sunday morning, the police said.

In a statement on Sunday afternoon, the police said that the inspections were carried out in Paceville, is-Swieqi, Pembroke, St Paul’s Bay, Xemxija, Kappara, Ħal Qormi, il-Ħamrun and l-Imrieħel.

Among the irregularities spotted during the inspections were: 

  • 31 drivers who were speeding
  • 3 instances of an unlicensed driver
  • 4 instances of uninsured drivers
  • 4 drivers not wearing a seatbelt
  • 2 drivers with an invalid car license
  • 2 individuals driving under the influence of alcohol

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