Four arrested in Blata l-Bajda drug raid

Residents claimed they heard shouts and breaking glass and smelt gas very close to St Joseph School in Blata l-Bajda

Three men and a woman were arrested following a drug raid in Blata l-Bajda on Thursday evening.

The police entered a private residence and asked people who lived in the vicinity to stay inside.

Mountbatten Street was closed to traffic during the operation.

The Armed Forces and the Civil Protection Department took part in the operation.

Net News released a report claiming that a shooting took place near St Joseph School.

The report also said that residents in the area claimed to have heard sounds of an altercation, breaking glass, and smelt gas, possibly used by the police themselves. 

Residents were told by Police to stay indoors.

Photographs in the report show the Armed Forces and Civil Protection Department on site.

Police investigations are ongoing.