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Man hospitalised with serious injuries after Bir id-Deheb traffic collision
Court & Police
A 28-year-old man suffered serious injuries after crashing into a car being...
[WATCH] Lydia Abela: ‘this pandemic has defined Malta’s strong values’
Malta is a country of reassurance, even at a time of a global pandemic, Lydia...
Opposition calls for a public inquiry into death of Miriam Pace
The Nationalist Party has tabled a motion urging Prime Minister Robert...
Victims of ‘coronavirus racism’ uneasy with Maltese behaviour
The COVID-19 panic comes with a threat of nativist suspicion towards the people...
Coronavirus: Parents allowed to stay with children in hospital, Charmaine Gauci confirms
Public Health Superintendent clarifies that a child with Covid-19 who requires...
[WATCH] Coronavirus: Five new cases from more than 600 swab tests
Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci says 637 swab tests were carried...
Coronavirus rescue package is a work-in-progress, Evarist Bartolo says
Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo says government's rescue...
Coronavirus: Foreign Minister laments lack of EU solidarity, Malta receives surgical masks from China
Malta got more aid from outside the EU than from EU member states, foreign...