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[WATCH] Cancer screening should be coupled with awareness, PN MEP says
Europe 2019
Francis Zammit Dimech praises the government colorectal screening programme but...
St Patrick's Day proves popular once again
The Irish feast proves perennially appealing as hundreds of people flock to the...
Adrian Delia says Labour killed education
The leader of the opposition said that young people were the first victim of...
Muscat says Malta can never be affiliated with terror
Referring to the New Zealand attacker Brenton Tarrant’s reference to...
‘Malta 1565’ inscription on terror attack rifle shows how Great Siege is appropriated by far right
The Great Siege as the symbol of some mythical clash between Christians...
[WATCH] Students young and old lead climate strike march to Maltese parliament
School-children and university students are marching to Valletta to demand...
Maltese consumers warned over privacy concerns when using smart devices
A study by 25 international privacy regulators showed 59% of devices failed to...
[WATCH] MEP candidates battle it out on social policy
Tensions rise on current affairs programme Xtra as PN MEP candidates Peter...