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Scicluna fights back Brussels criticism over good governance and anti-corruption
Sectors such as education, research and development need further work, Finance...
Public Health authorities investigating three cases of measles
The Superintendence of Public Health said that Europe is seeing an increase of...
Over 4,000 students chose ethics over religion in 2018
Over half of these attend state schools, with the figure inceasing every year
Updated | Car flips over in Marsa, two hospitalised
Court & Police
Two ambulances and a fire engine went on site at Aldo Moro street in Marsa
[WATCH] The strange case of the zeppoli of St Joseph
Is there a link between the famous pastry and St Joseph? Apparently not,...
[WATCH] Cancer screening should be coupled with awareness, PN MEP says
Europe 2019
Francis Zammit Dimech praises the government colorectal screening programme but...
St Patrick's Day proves popular once again
The Irish feast proves perennially appealing as hundreds of people flock to the...
Adrian Delia says Labour killed education
The leader of the opposition said that young people were the first victim of...