British tourists remanded in custody after grievously injuring man in Paceville fight

The two men allegedly got into a fight with an intoxicated man after making fun of the fact that he needed the help of two women

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

Two British holidaymakers have been remanded in custody after fighting with and grievously injuring a drunk man in Paceville.

Jordan Leli Brown, 27 and Josh Ronnie Edward Ahmed-Sone, 25 were charged with slightly injuring a woman, attempted use of force, uttering insults and threats, breaching the peace and being drunk in public.

Brown was also charged with grievously injuring a man, damaging third party property and threatening the woman with a hard object. He was additionally charged with threatening three police officers at the St. Julian’s police station and attempting to bribe them.

The pair allegedly got into an argument with their victim who was himself intoxicated and being helped by his sister and her friend at the time. They allegedly started insulting the man and mocking him for needing the assistance of two women, at which point the incident took a violent turn.

The two men inflicted grievous injuries on their victim before fleeing the scene.

They were chased by the victim’s sister, with one of them throwing an ash tray towards her as she caught up with them. The ashtray missed the woman and instead smashed a glass panel on Baystreet Bridge, causing €2,496 in damages.

Both of the accused pleaded no guilty and requested bail.

Prosecuting inspector Joseph Xerri objected to bail on the grounds that the men had no ties to Malta and that they had already tried to cover their tracks and abscond by checking out of their hotel immediately after the incident.

Legal aid counsel Simon Micallef Stafrace argued that the men’s passports had been seized and that they could not abscond.

One of the accused had Maltese parents and could therefore rent a place to stay. The incident involved four people who didn’t know each other and who would all provide their versions of events to the court, he said.

Magistrate Doreen Clarke rejected the request for bail, pointing out that the accused had not specified any fixed address and were a flight risk.

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