False passport stamp lands man in trouble

The man faked the stamp in a bid to obtain a work permit

(File Photo)
(File Photo)

A Nepalese man has been handed a suspended sentence for trying to use a false stamp on his passport in a bid to get a work permit.

35-year-old Kunwor Kushal had faked a Latvian residency permit, magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo was told this afternoon, as the man was arraigned by Inspector Frankie Sammut.

Sammut said that the accused had paid €1,500 for the stamp and had been caught when he had tried to apply for work with it. The prosecution insisted on a custodial sentence. 

Lawyer Martin Fenech, appointed as legal aid to the accused, argued that the man’s passport was valid and only had a false visa stamp on it. “He’s not a criminal, he’s just trying to make a better living,” argued the lawyer.

A guilty plea was entered on behalf of the accused.

The court sentenced Kushal to one year in prison, suspended for four years for the crime.