Man arrested after being caught in possession of cocaine, cannabis

The man was approached after the police noticed him acting suspiciously

A 22-year-old Somalian from Marsa was arrested on Monday after being found in possession cocaine and cannabis.

The man was approached after the police observed him acting suspiciously at a public garden in Triq Dicembru Tlettax in Marsa.

He was found to be in possession of 37 sachets of cannabis grass together with a smaller number of sachets containing a white powder suspected to be cocaine. The drugs were found in circumstances which indicated they were not for the man’s personal use.

An inquiry led by magistrate Audrey Demicoli has been started, and she appointed a number of experts to assist her with it.

The man is expected to be arraigned in court on charges of trafficking and aggravated possession of cocaine and cannabis in the coming days.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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