Public sector salary list: see who is paid more than Malta's prime minister

Top positions in Malta's public sector include Air Malta's chief executive, and the executive chairpersons of the Malta Gaming Authority, MIMCOL, Enemalta, and Transport Malta

Who gets paid more than the Prime Minister?
Who gets paid more than the Prime Minister?
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Our list of public sector salaries has been sourced directly from either government ministries or parliamentary questions.

It is not yet an exhaustive list of public salaries since some government ministers have not released the data.

Usually, the data is only released by ministers who are open to putting these tax-funded salaries in the public domain; or upon request of MPs in the House of Representatives.

Sometimes, certain ministers adamantly refuse to issue public appointment salaries. Because of the lack of transparency, it is impossible to quantify like-with-like salaries. For example, some appointees' salaries do not include their annual performance bonuses, which could be up to 15% of their annual salary, and other duty allowances.

Others have had their full remuneration and benefits published in PQs. For some other appointments, government ministries furnished us with the data.

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