Matthew Vella is executive editor at MaltaToday.

Local council cleansing services not keeping up with waste problem
The head of Malta’s cleansing department, Ramon Deguara, told MaltaToday...
PN members collect signatures to stop confidence vote, blame ‘pseudo-NGOs’ for election loss
Counter-action to PN councillors’ demand for a confidence vote on Adrian...
Church ‘released’ Gozo land tipped for cruise port for just €200,000
A pot of gold at the end of the Qala countryside? Curia insiders question the...
Adrian Delia to face confidence vote in petition to hold secret ballot in General Council
PN councillors raising 150 signatures to demand secret ballot during...
Autism ‘cannot be prayed out of’, council tells born-again Christian presenter
Autism Advisory Council wants BA action over born-again Christian’s claim...
Franco Debono no longer Commissioner for Laws, retired judge appointed to post
Former MP Franco Debono’s term as Commissioner for Laws has not been...
Six architects cannot agree on Gaffarena’s  ownership... of a ‘part’ of Marks & Spencer 
Taxman claims Gaffarena’s acquisition of emphyteusis is undervalued
Doctors demand anti-abortion statement from Commissioner for Children
Pro-life doctors pile pressure on Commissioner for Children after comments on...