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Malta’s low tax on foreign assets makes golden passport ‘high-risk’, says OECD
With its 5% effective tax on remitted profits and leniency on physical presence...
Chamber wants passport cash to be used for multi-modal transport system
Business News
Budget proposals by Chamber of Commerce call for marketing campaign to promote...
Prime Minister tables €100 an hour contract for Labour MP
When your hour is worth €100 of taxpayers’ money...
MFSA appoints auditors to monitor Satabank ‘in proper conduct of business’
Business News
Auditors EY will advise and monitor Satabank in the proper conduct of its...
Archbishop: Seal of confession binds priests not to report sex abuse to police
Maltese archbishop says Church’s ‘Seal of Confession’ is...
Updated | ‘No phone call between Darmanin and Cardona’ – Malta Independent report
Newspaper says both Maltese and foreign sources working on the investigation...
Supervising the supervisors | Joseph Cuschieri
Last April, Joseph Cuschieri was appointed CEO of the Malta Financial...
Updated | Exit programme for sex workers will help victims of prostitution rebuild their life
First in raft of proposals dealing with sex trade to be issued by government

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