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[WATCH] Update 4 | EU court declares trapping in Malta illegal, but PN and hunters want new derogation
EU court seals fate of bird trapping in Malta saying that practice breaches EU...
Trade secrets law will protect journalists
The law, once feared as preventing data leaks like Panama Papers, protects...
Malta reacts with ‘surprise’ at Di Maio’s veiled threat on energy supply
After comments of Luigi di Maio on state Italian TV, Malta says its agreement...
Malta processes over 1,800 asylum claims despite no boat migrant landings
Malta received a total of 1,839 applications for international protection in...
Three new magistrates, judges set to be sworn in
The appointments, set to be sworn in on Monday, will also be accompanied by...
Updated | Labour accuses Azzopardi of lying over Abela’s statements to MEPs
Labour MP’s comments to MEPs on MSS statement denying knowledge of...
Ministers creating obstacles to accountability, AD says in Ombudsman’s meeting
Green Party concerned at Ombudsman’s complaints on government impediments...
Petition requesting new MEPs’ investigation on Malta to remain open
European Parliament petition filed four days after Daphne Caruana...
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