After Labour landslide, Busuttil is not resigning: ‘We must keep the flame burning’

Resignation does not seem to be on the cards: PN leader Simon Busuttil says PN must take stock of damning election result, but that it must 'keep the flame of hope burning'

PN leader Simon Busuttil did not give any indication that he will resign as party leader, despite his party suffering a staggering election defeat.

On a brief interview on Net TV, Busuttil said that the PN must take stock of the result and internally analyze how to renew itself as an Opposition, in the interests of the country and the party.

“I am proud that the PN and the Forza Nazzjonali represented our values of righteousness, truth and good governance,” he said. “We lit up a flame of hope and we must keep this flame burning, because it would be wrong to turn it off now. We represented something beautiful that we must keep alive.”

He said that the PN respects the public’s democratic verdict and that it must react to it with “dignity and maturity”.

He thanked the people who voted for the PN and the Partit Demokratiku, the candidates, the officials and volunteers that helped in the campaign, the PN and independent media, his relatives, and his partner Kristina Chetcuti.