Labour takes copy-paste inspiration from Apple in ‘green vision’ ad

Labour borrows big from big tech to make the case for its green vision, with some inspiration from Apple ad

The Labour Party took a leaf out of Apple's book in its new feature advertising their €700 million green investment package. 

In its advert the Labour Party states that it has a green vision, one of gardens and parks, no one is farther than 10 minutes away from an open green space.

It promises more public parks, more open spaces, pedestrianised zones in every locality, urban green reclamation projects, tunnels for traffic, gardens with underground parking

The advert follows the same rhythm and tone of Apple's 'Every product carbon neutral by 2030' feature, where the global tech giant maps out its plan to make every one of its products carbon neutral.

The Labour Party adapted Apple's text-only video, with its marker graphics and quick-paced rhythm, to promote its own €700 million green vision. 

Both videos start off with a categorial statement: "Apple has a plan", while "Partit Laburista has a vision". While Apple is "finding new ways" to extract metals, the Labour Party is "reimagining our built-up areas" to create more gardens and parks.

One of Labour's first election pledges was that it will invest €700 million in new green spaces across the country. This will be split into €100 million investments every year across seven years. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela had said that the party will emphasise village cores to create a green lung in every urban centre.