[WATCH] Muscat tours Hamrun shops

Labour leader Joseph Muscat tours shops in Hamrun accompanied by a throng of party faithful.

Motorists and commuters trying to make their way through the heart of Hamrun faced considerably more congestion than usual on Wednesday morning.

This was because throngs of Labour Party faithful crowded both the pavement and the street to get a glimpse of Labour leader Joseph Muscat, who toured several commercial establishments in Hamrun.

Stopping every few steps to shake a hand, hold a child, sign a biography, or pose for a picture, it was with a slow and steady pace that Muscat walked down Triq Il-Kbira San Guzepp, popping into shops for a brief chat with the proprietors.

Muscat was accompanied along his tour by a sizable crowd of cheering party faithful, who broke out in clapping whenever Muscat emerged from a shop, as well as chants of 'Taghna Lkoll' and 'Viva Joseph'.

Muscat also stopped at the labour party club to sign the guest book.

Several passing motorists also got into the mass meeting mood, tooting their horns incessantly as they drove past.

He has given great hope to the Maltese.