AD calls for pensions based on social justice and sustainability

Pensions policy should be based on social justice and sustainability – AD

In a press conference in Msida, AD said that in parliament it will ensure a sustainable and socially just pension system which will guarantee a decent quality of life for retired elderly people.

 Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, said: "As a Green Party, Alternattiva Demokratika believes in a socially just and economically sustainable pensions system. The state should ensure that everyone has a decent pension.

"We need to address this issue without further procrastination. As it is, the pension system will ultimately lead to financial collapse and to poorer pensioners. We therefore agree that in addition to the compulsory first pillar, a second pillar under state responsibility should be introduced wherein government ensures the sustainability of the pensions system and ensures that people save an extra amount of money which will be used solely for pension purposes.

"We believe that the second pillar should however be introduced in a responsible manner, thus avoiding shocks in people's quality of life. The state should make up for persons who cannot contribute to the second pillar and should reduce the 40-year contribution requirement for eligibility for full pensions. It is not acceptable to rely only on a voluntary third pillar, as proposed by PL, as this will mean that many people will end up without a decent pension due to lack of public funds."

Angele Deguara, AD spokesperson for social policy and civil rights, said: "Pensioners who were entitled to contributory pensions of which they were eventually deprived (such as British Services pensioners and ex-Electricity Board pensioners) should be compensated for having been deprived of the pension they were due.

"In parliament AD will also present a motion whereby all Maltese citizens should be treated equally with regards to pensions, and whereby members of parliament will not have privileged pension rights."