European socialists give Muscat an expected endorsement

PES President: “Joseph Muscat is the only candidate who can bring?a real wave of change to Malta”

The Party of European Socialists has called on the Maltese electorate to make a definitive break "with the disastrous economic legacy of the conservatives" and to define a clear and progressive roadmap for the country's future.

"Joseph Muscat is the only candidate who can bring a real wave of change to Malta. He reflects the true voice of the people, of a country that has been long calling for sustainable economic growth with a strong social dimension. Joseph represents the opportunity for Malta to move forward," PES president Sergei Stanishev stated.

"The Labour Party has already showed its commitment towards employment and social inclusion: its support has been instrumental to put a "European Youth Guarantee" on the European agenda. I am confident that Joseph will improve the lives of the Maltese citizens in the same way that he has helped shape the social scope of the EU: with tireless work, deep commitment and progressive values."

medsun, would that be because Gonzi is always comparing us to the countries you mention? See what happens when crying wolf once too often!
I think the PES mistook Malta for Greece or Spain or Portugal where they have been responsible for an economic mess. There is no "disastrous economic legacy" here yet. Maybe they are harking for when the MLP takeover and "idahhluna gass down gol-hajt". Someone can translate - but it doesnt quote have the same impact in English! PES indeed - what a joke!