Those who sowed the wind will reap the storm in May election - Joseph Muscat

The Prime Minister says people will reject those who denigrated their country in the European Parliament over the past five years

Joseph Muscat on One TV
Joseph Muscat on One TV

People expect their MEPs to be critical of the government but do not accept those who denigrate their country at every turn, Joseph Muscat said.

The Prime Minister said on the 25 May, people will not only pass judgement on the individual work of MEPs but the attitude of the two major political parties towards their country.

In clear reference to the Nationalist Party MEPs, Muscat said it was incomprehensible how they expressed surprise when an MEP from another country recently asked for Malta’s voting rights and funds to be suspended.

“Those who sowed the wind will reap the storm, which the people will be unleashing on 25 May,” Muscat said.

Interviewed on One TV’s 25/05, a political magazine programme that will run throughout the election campaign, Muscat urged people to go out and vote in May to elect their MEPs and local councillors.

“On Facebook you do not elect MEPs… you can only deliver your message by voting on 25 May. That is the only way you can make a difference,” the Labour leader insisted.

Muscat said the government’s programme of works will not be suspended for the next month, insisting work will continue to enact important reforms such as changes to the rental market and gender equality.

The Prime Minister said the PL will be unveiling a manifesto for each locality as he urged people to vote for different candidates within the party if they felt councillors had underperformed.

The PL will be organising its general conference over the coming week, culminating in Muscat’s address to delegates on Sunday, marking the start of the election campaign.