[WATCH] Adrian Delia raises 1980s spectre: 'Democracy under threat'

The PN leader in Rabat urges people to ‘shout with their vote’ on 25 May

Adrian Delia in Rabat
Adrian Delia in Rabat

Adrian Delia has raised the spectre of the 1980s in a fiery speech in which he said democracy was under threat.

In Rabat, the Nationalist Party leader urged people to use their vote on 25 May to send government a message against arrogance.

“Democracy is under threat not through violence but control from the [PL] headquarters; not through police beatings but through the usurpation of the judiciary and the buying of votes with favours,” Delia said.

He insisted the European and local council elections were not a choice between him and Joseph Muscat.

“These are not elections that will change a government but they are an opportunity to change the government’s arrogant attitude… the elections are an opportunity for people to shout with their vote,” Delia said. 

The PN leader said the party was going from strength to strength every passing day because it was speaking “with one voice”.

“Government has to listen to us and change its direction. We are setting the government’s agenda from the Opposition,” Delia said.

He again accused the PL of supporting a lead socialist candidate who wanted taxation matters to be decided by Brussels. “If this happens, 27,000 jobs of people in the financial services sector and others risk being lost,” Delia warned.

During the same event, David Casa defended the actions of PN MEPs in the European Parliament, insisting the criticism was directed towards those in government who were destroying the country’s reputation.

Evidently ruffled by a PL campaign spot depicting the PN MEPs in a bad light by presenting clips of them being critical of Malta, Casa insisted his actions were aimed at stopping Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri from “stealing” taxpayer money.